Tea Brand: Kusmi Tea

Image copyright: Mazhiqi

I love tea: No matter you feel, you can always find a tea that suits your mood.

One of my favorite brands is Kusmi Tea. Originally created in St Petersburg, Kusmi Tea created a tea blend that became the tsar’s favorite.
Nowadays, Kusmi Tea produces wonderful Russian blends of tea along with some very good traditional blends.

My favorites are:

  • Russian blends:
    • Prince Vladimir (Black Tea, Citrus, Vanilla and Spices)
    • St Petersburg (Black Tea, Bergamot, Red fruits and Caramel)
    • Zoubrovka (Black Tea, Sweet Grass)
  • Traditional blends:
    • Russian Morning
    • Irish blend
    • Genmaisha (Green Tea, Roasted and Puffed Rice)

If you like teas and happen to find this brand in your country, I really advise you to give it a try 😉

3 thoughts on “Tea Brand: Kusmi Tea

  1. I love almost everything in their range! My favourites depend on the opportunity:
    – first cup of tea in the morning: Russian morning 🙂 or English blend
    – a trek or long car trip: Black-Chocolate in a termos
    – afternoon at work: Irish blend or Vanilla black
    – when I want to feel I am taking care of myself 🙂 BB Detox or Algothé
    – quiet evening in a good company 🙂 Green gunpowder or Genmaisha

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