About me

Hello, Hello! And welcome to my website!

If you came to this page it is probably to know a little bit more about this website or about its creator.
So lets start with its creator: Me (or at least of the content)! I’m a 25 years old Russian/French foody. I am interested in the food from all over the world, with a little preference for Asian food lately. Food is a easy way to travel and discover other culture. If you want to really understand how a dish is made or how it was created, you generally need to look in the history or the culture of that country or region. I find this wonderful. But I mostly cook because… I LOVE TO EAT !!!

So why did I needed to create that website? I love to eat, but I was living alone, so I needed to learn to cook. So I began to try different dishes and try to personalize them. But I needed to remember my recipes and some of my friends began to ask me for some of them. That’s why (and because I am lazy to explain my recipes multiple times), I originally created this website to save my recipes. Now I use it to share some of my liking but the main idea is still here.

So, dear visitor, I hope you enjoy this website and that you may find a recipe that you like 😉




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