A very healthy dish.

Japanese people like to dip the ingredients in a raw egg before eating it. I prefer without the egg.

Ingredients for 3-4 persons:

  • 200 gr of beef
  • 350 gr of mushrooms (shiitake, shimeji, eryngii)
  • Green onion
  • White onion
  • Rice noodles
  • Sake
  • Brown sugar
  • Soy sauce
  • Optional: Tofu

  1. Start by cutting the ingredients: Cut the shiitake mushroom hats in 4, the green onion in 4 cm pieces, the white onion into 1 cm slices and the beef in very thin slices.
  2. Cook the noodles as it is recommended on its box.
  3. In a big pan, heat up some olive oil. Start by quickly cooking the meat.
  4. When one side of the meat is golden brown, flip it over and reduce the heat by half.
  5. Add a tea spoon of brown sugar and a table spoon of soy sauce.
  6. When the second side of the meat is nearly cooked, move the meat to a side and add into the pan the mushrooms, the onions, the noodles and, if you feel like it, some tofu. Add 2-3 table spoons of brown sugar, 3 table spoons of sake and 3 table spoons of soy sauce.
  7. Let all the ingredients rest in pan until cooked and you can serve!

Enjoy 😉

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