Failed: Donut holes

Missed donut

It is actually a fail-success case.

I was trying to do some donut balls by following the recipe of SORTED Food but I was doing it all by hand. But when you do so, one thing is VERY important: mix the yeast with the warm milk. This way you will get very light dough.

In my case, the yeast did react, so I still had a very dense dough.
I decided to anyway cook it and then the yeast started reacting. So I got as result those dense donut balls that were slightly breaking on different sides. It actually looked pretty cool.

Finally, when I tasted it, that was good, not as good as it I would have managed to make light donuts, but still good. It had the taste on donut but with a muffin texture (it may be called a “muff-nut”).

It actually seems to be pretty close to some Sata Andagi (Okinawan Donuts)

Next time I will not fail ! (I hope)


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