Little bit of news

Hey everybody!

Long time no write!

I know, it has been a few very difficult months with tremendous amount of work, studies and projects, and most of all of public transport (around 7 hours a day). But it is slowly getting to a calmer period. I indeed moved recently from Zürich back to the Lausanne-Geneva area, so less public transports YAY! Concerning the studies and projects, I had my exams so waiting for the results now. So I am slowly getting energy back.

So what next? Next is a 6 months trip to Japan! I am doing my “End of Master” internship and project in Osaka. So I will try to document this trip to show the various food and places I will discover. I will additionally try to learn how to cook all of that and present you the recipes so you can try it too =D.

Finally, during those last months, I saved quite a lot of cool song and artists that I want to share with you on my other site (Whole Chacha). So there should be updates every single week.

Those new posts should arrive at the end of February – beginning of March, and I hope there will be something that you enjoy.

On this, have a lovely day and read you soon 😉

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