Japan: Day 0


Hello, hello.

As promised I will share my trip to Japan with you.

So today is day 0. Why ‘0’? Because my flight to Japan is taking more than a day if you use the local times. I am sitting right now in Frankfurt — after arriving from Geneva —  waiting for my plane to Tokyo and then Osaka. So have still a long time to fly and there will not be any Japanese food in this post.

The day started fine, I bought chocolate (made in Switzerland =D) for the people that helped me with all the administrative stuff. Then arrived in advance to the airport as I hate being late. After registering my luggage, we went with my girlfriend and our son to find some food. Sadly our usual stop at Geneva Airport’s Burger King has been made impossible as it have been replaced by a McDonald’s. For people that never ate at those fast food places in Switzerland, both are very good compared to most of the countries but BK is much better that “McDo” as it is called in France. So I just had my usual “Chacha BigMac”: remove the top bun, add a layer of fries and put the bun back. Don’t look at me as if I am a freak, just try it, you’ll see it makes it better.

So after this “gastronomic” break, it was time to leave my two babies: my son and my girlfriend, and to go through the border control. There are no proof that I cried like a baby and that my son was the strongest of the three of us. And as always I got the body check. Finally after a little wait, I got in the plane. The flight was fast — 50 minutes — with a pretty shaky take-off but a quite fun steward team.

Now I am sitting on a comfy chair in the “Leisure Zone” of terminal Z in Frankfurt and will go to the plane in 50 minutes.

I hope to have some Japanese food for the next post. So I hope to see you then 😉

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